A Boat Trip on Bill’s Birthday

TellicoMonday was Bill’s birthday. He would have been 10. I think both Rick and I were fearing the day on and off for the last few weeks.

We decided to get away for the weekend, so we took the boat out for a Fort Loudontrip and slept in a cove on Tellico Lake right by Fort Loudon State Park. The fort was our front yard.

There is nothing like the peace of God’s creation to calm my heart, especially water. We were secluded and yet close to the park and the Sequoya Museum, both of which we had never been to. Only 30-40 minutes from home, but it took a 4.5 hour boat ride to get us there.

It was a great weekend, praise God, even with a Sunday full of rain. We relaxed together, grilled on the back deck, paddleboarded, took a little scoot abigailon the small boat… Abigail and I tried out the little boat and went to the museum by water. I didn’t grow up on boats, so learning how to drive them is a totally new experience for me. We came back in the rain, fully intact, with smiles on our faces.

Monday, Rick had a special surprise for Abigail that he had planned for weeks. She had been saving up for a used cell phone that was new enough to get a game she wanted. She didn’t have an active phone, just an old one of ours for games and pictures. Well, he decided to buy her a brand new phone with service, so she can communicate with family and feel like the big, tween girl that she is. Such a lovely idea that wound up being an absolute blessing to all of us that day.

Toward the end of the night, I was thinking about how Bill would have really enjoyed the weekend and the day. I wondered if he was having a special celebration in heaven for his birthday.

Bill's 9th Birthday party mid-radiation treatment.
Bill’s 9th Birthday party mid-radiation treatment.

Then I had this picture of him, whole and happy, flash in my mind. He was enjoying wonderful, bigger birthday celebrations that day – not even for him, yet more glorious to his heart. They were celebrations and rejoicing with all of heaven for each person that was born in Spirit that day. Oh, how I miss him! Can’t wait to celebrate with him again.


Support Child Cancer Research While Honoring Bill

I have just launched a new clothing collection through Keola®. The line will be used to support different causes, but I wanted this first one to honor Bill and connect with our family’s united purpose to travel baseball stadiums in his memory.

Booster campaign honoring Bill, his faith and fight, that benefits research to eradicate pediatric cancer. https://www.booster.com/for-bill
Booster campaign honoring Bill, his faith and fight, that benefits research to eradicate pediatric cancer.

Please consider supporting the cause. 100% of proceeds go to St. Jude’s Medical Research. Thanks!miracles-shirt-back



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