Flashback Friday: Cleveland Rocks!

What a great MLB World Series! I am happy for the Cubs, but was personally routing for Cleveland since it was our first stop on our commitment to tour all the stadiums and I really liked several of their players. It was also mine and Rick’s first weekend away alone since having kids – not counting one snowmobiling trip in northern MN about 8 years ago with another couple. This time we were totally alone in a new city. Even on the tails of tragedy, it was a refreshing, healing, and unifying time.

Today, I am grateful for that trip and for our moments of laughter, fun, and connection that we found watching baseball together this season. For Flashback Friday, I’m taking time to record and remember some of the fun we had in Cleveland this summer. I hope it helps you to feel connected with our life and healing process, as well. Enjoy!

This bike kind of sums up the feel of the town: hip and old school homey; big city, yet safe and welcoming like your back yard suburb.
Hotel lobby with view to funky grocery store across the street. I never got a chance to check it out. We were too busy with the games. Maybe next time.
Rick on Lake Erie. It’s not often we hang out on the American side of this lake.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Had to check out my favorite MN legends… I had my eyes open for any Bob Dylan exhibits, too. Also, check out the post “The Gospel According to Jimi Hendrix” for the interesting find.
Eating lunch at an absolutely packed local bar and grill. The town wasn’t expecting all these tourists for the games. There were Canadians everywhere! We stumbled on an awesome place for breakfast called Urban Farmer connected to the Westin Hotel. Farm to table items, homemade english muffins… fresh, delicious food and really welcoming restored farmhouse decor which reminded me of home. A little pricey, but each breakfast could have been split easily between two people so it is actually reasonable. A great place on a nice morning. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the area.
Progressive Field: Our first game
Great seats, game 3
Game 3
Free fedoras for the first fans. Game 1.
Lovely evening. Awesome stadium.

Don’t have a picture, but in addition to checking out Urban Farmer for breakfast I highly recommend checking out Phoenix Coffee. I missed the Starbucks at the Westin and found this little gem tucked away on our walk back to our hotel. They roast their own coffee just a few blocks away. I always love to check out local coffee shops. The girls at this one were very friendly and the coffee was excellent. Apparently the owner travels the world to bring in the best coffee and teas.

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  1. love you Becker Family!! Always enjoy Christ’s life and that life more abundantly.
    The measure of life is in two manifold: on earth and eternal God has blessed us with both!
    one of them with Jesus never ends!


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