Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving

Bill Beado GiraffeA year ago we were just finishing out our first round of chemotherapy. Bill and I had driven to Nashville at the beginning of November and Rick and Abigail left that same day to take the boat, so we could have a close place to live while in town. We were there in 3 hours; they made it in 8 long days.

We didn’t know anyone, but I knew someone who did. Without even trying – we wouldn’t have had the energy or known where to start, we were taken in by my friend’s sister-in-law and her church as well as another friend of hers who attended a different church in Nashville. We were flooded with love from complete strangers that were family in Christ. It was like the Body was designed to work: “One of ours is broken”, so they all came in to help bring life and blessing.Bill and Rick in Hospital

We weren’t sure if we’d be released by Thanksgiving. Bill’s numbers had to jump high enough for him to get the MD okay. We planned to live on the boat together while out. We didn’t have a large oven, fridge, or elaborate way to cook. We were released the Wednesday before and had a full Thanksgiving dinner to come home to thanks to our beloved brothers and sisters who took us in.

While we were in Nashville, they supported us with much prayer, united to bring us food, helped with laundry, loved on us, baked for us, helped to give us a wonderful Christmas and so much more. We were surrounded by the love of God. It was so humbling and beautiful.

I sit back this morning and remember that time. What could have been awful, were some of the best memories we’ve had together. I am grateful to my Father today, my family, and His people for being there in the good and the bad.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Abigail and Bill

Thanksgiving Weekend 2015
Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

Boat for Christmas

Flashback Fridays
Flashback Fridays


  1. This was a tough one to read. At least it started out that way. However, as I continued to read your post Allison, a smile formed on my face. Through my tears and smile, reading of the generosity and kindness from strangers during an extremely difficult journey was heartwarming. I miss my Grandson daily but find comfort that he is at peace with our Father in Heaven.

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