Flashback Friday: Forever Friends


This was a good week with some tough moments. We’ve got a lot of Christmas traditions that we enjoy doing together. This past weekend was so much fun for that, but triggered some sadness without Bill’s humor and unique, squeezable flare. It was still great with my girl and I had to be strong for her.

When Bill was sick, people asked her how she was doing. She can internalize a lot, so she’s not always comfortable with voicing her thoughts and feelings (although God is bringing her through that, so keep praying for her!). There were a few times she shared, though. She told each person that Bill was her best friend.

Forever Friends

As we decorated the tree this weekend and did our annual gingerbread house, it was hard for me. She seemed to take it like a champ. She pulled me aside to show me how she put her and Bill’s stars together on the tree.

Today I am expressing my gratitude for that beautiful friendship my kids had and will have together again – not just for a few years, but for all of eternity. That’s the precious gift and promise of the cross. Thank You, Jesus!

abigail-decorating-tree   abigail-decorating

2015 in Nashville hospital

A God of Justice

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