Just Breathe!

The holiday season was meant to bring a breath of rest, perspective, and fresh air, but oftentimes it pushes existing stress levels to a nearly suffocating intensity. Give yourself permission to take time to breathe and focus on what matters.


Keola® Move of the Week


This is a great position to practice deep breathing and relaxation of all your muscles from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Take 5-10 deep breaths into your belly linking your hands behind your left leg and pulling that thigh into your body as you remember that no matter what kind of chaos is going on in your life, you are held by your Daddy God. Switch sides and repeat. Give Him all of your concerns today. He cares about you!

Tips and Tricks: Dorsiflex the foot of the upper leg, pressing through that heel, to offer extra safety to your knee joint. Keep the back of the neck long and your chin in a neutral position. If you find your chin lifting up, release the leg and the stretch just a bit to allow you to drop the chin to neutral.


Add a little more perspective, focus, understanding of the importance of rest, and learn how to restore regular deep breathing. Read “A Deep Breath of the Spirit This Christmas”.


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