Flashback Friday: Stepping Out and Up

I have had a woman from Nashville on my mind for the last several weeks. It was New Year’s Eve (I think that was the exact day) of last (2015) year that Bill got his first MRI during chemo treatment. Rick and Abigail stayed home on the boat. I was there all day waiting for the long process and hoping to hear results soon. As it was getting close to the time he should have been coming out, a woman walked into the waiting room. I had been alone most of the day working on my computer. Still working, I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She came in, hovered in the doorway and walked out. A few times she did this.

I glanced up, wondering what she was doing. She was a worker. She checked the garbage. Left. Came in again. Looked around the entryway. Left again. Odd, I thought. I internally voiced to the Lord, “Is this another voodoo woman, getting uncomfortable and squirrely in the Presence of your Spirit?” That may be “odd” to your ears, but those things are real and I had just encountered someone joining in that power earlier in the week. Sometimes we can think that is creepy, but they are not to be feared. Jesus is all-powerful and greater. (Acts 13:4-12)

Anyway, I immediately heard deep in my heart, “No… she is Mine and she has a Word for you.” But at that point, she was gone.

Shortly after, they came and told me that Bill was out and I could sit with him as he woke up from anesthesia. I followed them and sat with him. He was still sleeping well. He loved that “sleepy medicine”. As I was sitting there, I saw my sister again. She was clearly wrestling with something outside of the glass doorways, pacing back and forth just outside. I knew that Father had sent her on a mission, so I patiently prayed for her and for me to receive this Word from Him.

Finally, she mustered up the boldness to obey. She came just into the doorway and looked at me. She said, “Is that your son?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“He is going to be okay,” and she pointed up toward heaven/God.

I smiled, telling her that God is good – He is our Healer – and thanked her for sharing.

That Word was so encouraging to me then and is still so encouraging now. This beautiful sister… quiet and below the radar in the eyes of the world, but mighty in the eyes of God; the apple of His eye. I was/am so grateful to God for her. I am so grateful that she wrestled, yet still obeyed. I have been there myself and it’s been a greater battle in the last several months to obey, but I hope to be restored to an even greater place of boldness to all strangers who need a touch from Jesus. May this testimony inspire you to rise up in desire and willingness, too.

Flashback Fridays – Remembering God’s Goodness in the Middle of Trials



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