Flashback Friday: Still Cheering Me On

Today, I am grateful for the Holy Spirit… The way He works in and through people and how He explodes the Word within your heart exposing the wonder and truth of God’s nature and plan; supernaturally creating that same character and will in the deepest parts of your being. Holy Spirit is the promise given to Abraham so many years ago and the same promise that Jesus made to His people, saying it was actually better for us that He left because then the Spirit would come (John 16:7). That’s an amazing concept to grasp: That Jesus here in the flesh is not as advantageous to us as His Holy Spirit here with, even in, us.

Today the Holy Spirit in me is still cheering me on through a revelation that exploded in my heart last year. I wrote it in a journal entry for Bill’s Caring Bridge site:

Pressing In to Jesus is Rewarded

Journal entry by Alli Becker

There was a woman who pressed in to Jesus for healing and was rewarded for her faith. Many believe that her boldness too was motivated by Scripture (Malachi 4:2, specifically). She had been to doctors, but they weren’t able to heal her. She heard about this Jesus that heals and preaches the Kingdom of God. Could he be the Messiah spoken of by the prophets and Moses?

She gambled everything she had and went into public. This was a big deal for someone like her, because Jewish law commanded isolation for bleeding women, who were unclean (Lev 15:19), to keep them from making anyone else unclean. For 12 years she had been bleeding and “had suffered much under many physicians” (Mark 5:26). Her mission was to make it just close enough to Jesus to touch His clothing:

For she said, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.” (Mark 5:28 ESV)

People were pushing in all around Him, but this weak, desperate woman made it and when she touched Him she knew that the bleeding had stopped and felt that her body was healed.

And Jesus, perceiving in himself that power had gone out from him, immediately turned about in the crowd and said, “Who touched my garments?” And his disciples said to him, “You see the crowd pressing around you, and yet you say, ‘Who touched me?’” And he looked around to see who had done it. (Mark 5:30-32 ESV)

She was afraid. Did she take something from Jesus that He didn’t want her to take? Was He going to chastise her for what she’d done?

But the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling and fell down before him and told him the whole truth. (Mark 5:33 ESV)

This is it. The moment of truth. What is Jesus going to do and say?

And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” (Mark 5:34 ESV)

What Love! What Perfection!

I heard a pastor discussing a more accurate translation according to the original Greek and the verb tenses. He said it is better spoken as, “Go into peace and remain well.” I don’t know if that is true, but the Spirit touched my heart with this story when I heard it told like that a few months ago. It helped me to see the woman’s fearful heart and helps me to be at rest myself now.

Doubt is human nature… “What if I heard wrong? What if I believed wrong? What if Jesus doesn’t want Bill healed?” Whenever we get stuck on the “I”s of life, we are overcome with confusion and unrest. Every time I get like that, I go to the Word and the Lord leads me to another truth that confirms His will for Bill to be healed and live. Every time. He reminds me to take my eyes off of the world and fix my eyes on Jesus. Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form. Jesus did everything the Father willed. Jesus healed and still heals.

This woman wasn’t left to go away wondering if Jesus wanted her healed, living in a place of stress and unrest that scientifically brings about illness in the body. Jesus made certain that she knew she had His blessing. Oh what a wonderful Father!

Speaking of Father, I noticed too that He called her “Daughter” here. I haven’t had time to dig into it for complete confirmation, but it occurred to me that we don’t often hear that term of endearment from His mouth in the Gospels. He called one woman that He healed a “daughter of Abraham”, but never just “daughter”. I did a very quick search and I think this is the only time. He also called another who pressed in by breaking in the roof with friends, “son”. I weep even thinking of it now. I am His beloved daughter. It is never wrong to press in to Sweet Jesus for life and healing. He treasures those who do and calls them His children. Uhhh, I just love Him! May you be blessed by His love today, too.

I don’t care what happened in my situation, this Word is still true and today It is continuing to explode good in and through my soul. This is My Jesus! This is God Almighty’s heart! He is a good God and I know He is pleased with me.

Bill’s Blessing Scroll

This is a picture of a scroll I picked out of a bowl at a Jesus party we had at our house one day. It’s a blessing that Bill wrote before his illness. I remember trying to steer him to change the wording as he was writing… It wasn’t being taken directly from the Scripture like the example I had given for the kids to follow when making them. He was “doing it wrong”. The Holy Spirit stopped me clearly 3 times to let Bill do it his way. (I was being so stubborn that day.) Today, I can almost hear Bill’s encouraging voice, “God loves you, Mommy! Jesus is so pleased with you.”

God surely makes good on His promises.

Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Father.

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