Flashback Friday: The Power of One

I think sometimes we underestimate the effects of our obedience in the small things. For example, one good choice for breakfast can set the tone for positive choices throughout your day. One scary step toward that stranger or friend on your heart, “Is there anything I can pray for you today?” or “I really just felt the LORD wanted me to give you this (word of encouragement, money, gift, etc.)” has the power to inspire another to do the same… and then another and another. These are not just random acts of kindness coming from a Christian. They are calculated steps of obedience that spread the fame and refreshment of Jesus to a parched world.

I was reading about Gideon last week. I love Gideon! He was so transparent in his fears and feelings of inadequacy. If you can relate to those thoughts, I encourage you to keep reading.

Gideon was living in a time when Israel was not seeing the favor of the Lord: They had forgotten His goodness toward them and were worshiping idols. Their disobedience affected their lifestyle. They were living in hiding in caves and mountain clefts as the neighboring nations came to steal and destroy all the fruit of their hard labor – crops were trampled; animals were slaughtered. Judges 6:4 says that not one living thing was spared.

Finally, they corporately cried out to God in their despair and God came to Gideon, who openly expressed his wonder, “…Please, my lord, if the LORD is with us, why then has all this happened to us? And where are all his wonderful deeds that our fathers recounted to us…” (Judges 6:13 ESV)

The angel of the Lord made a mighty response to Gideon’s perplexity. He basically said, “You are the answer to your questions. I’ve called you, haven’t I?” (Judges 6:14)

Gideon, like many of us, felt totally inadequate and proceeded to argue with God. We all have a tendency to do that too, don’t we?

“Maybe God neglected to remember the fact that I am ‘just a’ mom (…wife, store clerk, insert your “regular” existence here)”.

We forget that God is a God who purposefully uses the “regular” (1 Corinthians 1:26-29). There is one big thing I’ve learned in this life: My greatest qualification for the Kingdom of God is that I am totally unqualified.

If you are wondering why you aren’t seeing the amazing things you read about in the Bible, then my question would be, “What if God is sending you?”

I would answer that with a resounding, “He is!” Don’t underestimate the power of your one life. God has a track record of doing amazing things with random people who are willing to trust Him just enough to say, “Yes!”

You might have fear. Gideon did. You might have sinned. David (all, actually, except Jesus) did. You might have obstacles…. Yeah, we aren’t even going to go there. Today, I am grateful that God is bigger than all of those things. I pray you see that too, and that you are willing, like Gideon, to step forward into your God given destiny for the glory of God and the benefit of His people.

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