Beauty From Ashes

Then Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met him: but Mary sat still in the house.  John 11:20 KJV


The context of this Scripture is that Lazarus has died. Jesus was coming into town, seemingly too late. 

This verse is so personal to me. I was expecting something BIG from God. I thought I knew the timing and had been waiting so long. I was crushed to find that it still hadn’t come and cried out to God for comfort again. This is where He led me.

What specifically stood out to me that morning is that Mary stayed home. Mary, who was ill-treated by her sister for sitting at Jesus feet instead of helping serve, knew Jesus. She knew what He was capable of and His heart to do it. She called for him to save her brother and He didn’t come. Sweet, beloved Mary was hurt.

I’ve felt her pain and perhaps you have, too. Perhaps you are now. The pain of a bare and exposed heart that is intimate with Jesus, waiting in hopeful expectation, and yet sees something completely contrary to the loving Jesus, that you know so deeply, and His promises.

Mary’s heart, like mine that day (and even today – now two years later in a different situation), was thinking, “Where were you on that one, Lord?!?!” She was so hurt that the one who endured ridicule for sitting at His feet, instead, sat at home. She loved Jesus though, so when Martha came back and told her the Teacher was asking for her she went to Him immediately even in her pain (John 11:28).

When she came to Him, she was weeping. She fell at His feet and cried out that He could have saved him if only He had been there (11:32). (Where were you on that one, Lord?) Jesus was so moved and troubled by her pain that this is the point in Scripture that all you church kids know as the shortest Scripture in the Bible. Verse 35 says, “Jesus wept.”

Oh Beloved, if you are hurt by something that appears dead and hopeless, I pray that you find comfort and encouragement today as I did that day. Jesus sees your pain and knows how broken your heart is as you see what is directly in front of you over His bigger plan. He weeps when you weep. He is whispering, “Oh My Beloved, if you only knew what I have in store for you. I am the Resurrection and the Life and I can breathe life into any dead and hopeless situation. Don’t give up! Come to Me and see My salvation.” Amen.

Read the rest of the story to see the bigger plan.


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