Meditate and Digest: Peace

Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.  (Psalm 85:10 KJV)


When I first saw fresh magnificence within this verse, I was blown away. Other translations replace mercy and truth with lovingkindness and truth, steadfast love and faithfulness, unfailing love and truth.  The original Hebrew is chesed and ve·’e·met. That term chesed best defines the character and heart of God in a word. 

The Hebrew translation of John 1:17 is exactly those two words. It states, “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (emphasis mine). In Jesus, mercy (grace) and truth are met together. The Law has been replaced by the New Covenant proclaimed by the Gospel of Grace.

What do we get through this beautiful exchange given freely on that cross; fully authenticated by Father God who raised Jesus from the dead? We have received the priceless gifts of righteousness and peace.  Real gifts received by faith, not works.

The King James Bible places words the translators added for better flow and understanding in italics, so in this verse each other was the interpretation of the translators added to help complete the verse. I was reading one day and the Holy Spirit exploded a gift of love to my heart that is silently found in the Scripture.

Grace (mercy) and truth came together to this earth in the human body of Jesus. The effect of that event was that righteousness and peace (also Jesus) have kissed, not just each other, but you. What a beautiful representation of the love and intimacy God Almighty has toward you! Receive this affection of Your Father purchased by the blood of Jesus today. It could be justly offered to you no other way. 


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