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Alli created Keola® in order to enable others to benefit from the peace, energy, and well-being that accompany a lifestyle of growing in Christ actively. Through Graceful Health, she hopes to shift motivation and perspective on fitness and health. Healthy living entails much more than consistent, wise food and workout choices. It’s about navigating all aspects of life gracefully.

Jesus paid to freely place you in the favor of God forever. With that gift, He made it very clear that anyone who believes and chooses to follow Him will still face many challenges. Standing firm in Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to move the character of Jesus through you as you face both the trials and blessings with hope and trust in Father God are the hallmarks of genuine wellness.

Alli knows pain. She knows the heartbreak of expecting God to move according to His character, Word, and promises, yet not seeing His Kingdom here on earth now as it is in heaven. Her 9 year old son, Bill, passed away in June 2016 from terminal cancer. She, like all of us, was and is faced with a choice. “Do I continue to believe in a good God and His Word? Or, do I shift my theology based upon my experience?” Her message is to keep believing and dare to hope, no matter what you’ve faced. Jesus is still present and forever Faithful and True.

May this blog remind you that you are loved and not alone. May you find comfort, abound in the peace of Christ, and be firmly established in the unconditional and everlasting love that God Almighty has for you through Jesus. May you be moved to surrender all of yourself to Him and the truth of the Gospel. May your choices for yourself and others be motivated by love and truth. May you face difficulties with joy, courage, hope, patience, and faith. May you run your race with focus, gratitude, and praise all the way to the promised victor’s crown. In Jesus name. Amen!

Love you ~ Alli

You can experience Keola® online at YouTube.